New MV!

As you all know Coral is a cat rescuer. She rescues cats with Felv (leukemia) This is a song about one of her cats called Pan.

Pan was a cat that came to us last year, she had only 1 eye , she had Felv (leukemia) and Fiv (kitty HIV)
unfortunately she had a very hard life. she was found as a stray in Kansai and was taken to a shelter, where she got infected with Felv, had her eye taken out because of an infection and had 9 teeth removed. Even tho humans did many bad things to her, she still had love to give. later she was adopted by a nice girl but she couldnt keep her anymore so her friend took her . That friend had to go back to her home country and due to Pans conditions (she developed a brain tumor somewhere on the way) she couldn’t travel.
At the time i had a beautiful felv cat Pon who was lonely so when i saw the post about pan i knew i must take her. she was very skinny and had a cold when she came to me, i could tell that her felv and fiv are killing her. she was very loved by us. but she always waited by the door, waiting for her real mommy to come pick her up and take her home.. 18 days after she came to me she passed away.. her life was hard and so unfair. even after being abandoned by her previous mom (that’s how she felt, they had no choice) she still loved people.. she was a very kind kitty.

This 2D animation is made by a group of Brazilian Animators, led by Brenda, Clara, Stefanie, and Vitoria!

Enjoy the video, like , subscribe and please , be kind to the animals.

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