We are a 3 piece Punk Rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Formed by guitar vocal Kingo and bassist Coral in 2014. We changed few drummers and now we are going on strong with our drummer Kiri (an amazing metal drummer that used to put on make up on and played in visual kei bands for 20 years).  Music is our life, our passion. We are all about following your dreams and never giving up! Even when its hard dont forget You are not alone! Dream do come true! Become a best version of your self and keep moving forward!

Coral on Bass&Vocals

Coral is a crazy cat lady. she rescues abused cats and cats with FeLV (leukemia). She currently has 6 house cats and feeds 12 stray cats and 6 tanukis! she loves all animals and shes not afraid of any insect! you can find her in the wild taking photos of wild animals with her Nikon D500 camera or feeding cats or helping insects (yes she is a weirdo)

hobbies: wildlife photography, washi tapes and stickers, sniffing cats.

band she likes : Less Than Jake, Reel big Fish, Boowy



Kiri on Drums

Kiri has many toms. Coral loves toms. Toms are cool. Everyone needs more toms in their life. He is a very shy down to earth guy. He is always on time (unlike someone).He used to be in a visual kei band and he had maaaaany girl fans. Now he has only male fans.

hobbies: Airsoft, snowboard, Bike (he rides a Honda cb400), the wild outdoors